CASE STUDY OF Mangala Sarkar (Roy) Beautician

Trade: Beautician

Mangala, an energetic young lady of around 34 years was a happy house wife when her husband was a worker in a Local Jute Mill. Suddenly, a devastating fire destroyed the entire Jute Mill leaving all the workers jobless. The owners of the Jute Mill, on getting the compensation from the Insurance Company absconded and none could trace them. It was a bolt from the blue for the family. Her husband became a wage earner whose income could not suffice the family expenditure. Finding no other way for survival, Mangala joined the Training programme on “Beautician Course” during the year 2013 and immediately on completion of the training, she joined a Beauty Parlour and started earning an amount of Rs. 2000/- per month initially with Tiffin in the noon.

At present she is working with a reputed Beauty Parlour viz. Puja Beauty Parlour” of the area and earning an amount of Rs. 6000/- per month. Besides, she is working as a flying Beautician and earning an amount not less than Rs. 8000/- on an average per month. Thus her total income per month comes to around Rs. 14000/-. Now she is leading a happy life along with her family members and able to carry on the study of her children.

She expressed her gratefulness to FVTRS as well as SARANI for allowing her the opportunity of availing the training.



Transformation of Mangala Sarkar (Roy)