Beauty Care 


Name of the Trainee:-                         Amita Jangid

Husband’s Name:-                              Sh. Mahesh Chand Jangid

Address:-                                            Ward No. 19, Nursing Colony,

Kherli Ganj (Alwar)

Training Attended:-                            Beauty Care

Batch & Period:-                                 Batch –I, From 15th January 2019 to 15th April 2019

Present Status:-                                   (Employed/Wage-employed)

Family Background: - Mrs. Amita Jangid is a 9th passed belongs to a middle class OBC family. Her husband is an electrician and father of two daughters. His income was not as sufficient and hardly manages the bread and butter. He was also in a grip of social evil of drinking alcohol daily which leads Amita in frustration. She started to work as housemaid in vicinity and earn Rs.2000/- per month

Status before Training:- Having a two girl child was also an issue in conservative family and the support of her in laws not in her favour, instead they support the conduct of their son. This has been a daily routine of mental torturing and becoming victim of domestic violence gradually. After lot of suffering and extreme limit of all, one day, after crossing all the limits, she left the in laws house with thought of divorce and shifted to rental house with daughters with the support of her parents. She started to think to do something  her own to earn the livelihood for respectful survival without dependency on others. She came to know about the three months free training in beauty care organized by R. K. Ssansthan, sponsored by FVTRS, Bangalore. As the training center was nearby to her residence, she visited there and filled the form to join the programme.

 Challenges Faced: -It was very difficult for her to find time for training because if she went somewhere else to work, she wanted to have some extra income, at the same time, she also had to face the taunts of the women of colony and start raising the finger on her character. So it became very difficult for her to get into training, but despite of all challenges, she completed the training with great enthusiasm, courage after facing the all difficult situation and social challenges

How training help her solve the problem:-Amita totally transformed during the training and learn the skill with interest, it increased her self-confidence. She started to feel that now she is capable to use the beauty care skill to earn and survive well, that she does not need anyone else's support. But keeping in mind the social consideration, R. K. Sansthan team tried to convince her in laws and husband, they also tried to reconcile the two, keeping our things in mind and this has also been possible to some extent.

Present Status: -After attending the training on Beauty Care organized at Kherli, Alwar from 15th January to 15th April 2019. During the training she had shown her keen interest in the trade. She also spent more time in the training after the working hours. After the completion of the training she started job in “Meenakshi Beauty Parlor, Kherli” and earning Rs. 6,000.00 per month and right now, Amita is living with her family and her husband has reduced drinking too much, now the issues  has been resolved between the both.

Future Planning:-She is now focusing to sharpen her skill by maximum using of herbal products to start her own beauty parlor. In future she is planning to start artificial/imitation bridal jewelry work as parallel activity.