The rise of Women Entrepreneurship

Women of four villages, who were part of Skill Net came together to do things differently, to set an example, to create a local market, to think equal, to build smart and innovate for change. These women were inspired from a group of women who has experience in broom making business. The expert’s existence in the locality (women groups) was useful in giving orientation and training to those women who desired to start the business. They collected enough information and knowledge about availability of raw material, marketing the product and various other business promotion aspects. Therefore, the women chose a business of broom making for which the resources they can afford that brings rapid return with low risk. The main goal of the business is based on team work and purely profit oriented. The five women of Saidapur, eleven women of Aera and five women of Ganora of Sandila block in Hardoi district were given orientation by Mrs. Neelam and she motivated them by illustrating her experience of running different small income generation activities which led to do the business of broom making. In each of the group we had inauguration of broom making respectively in their villages followed by the technique of making the broom, indentifying the market, roles and responsibilities of each of the members. The business plan was drawn with them. For the financial management they are taught to keep day to day expenses and income account.They have given a brand name for their trade as Super Broom.
The women are totally committed and determined to face the challenges from home and village. They were posed with challenges of going out of the villages for purchase, visiting shops, spending time for manufacturing etc. Women going out of the village is not appreciated not only by men but also by the elder women in the family. Initially they have purchased three to four quintals of raw materials and other needed tools. The women leaders took the responsibility to purchase the raw materials from Kanpur. They also have spent rupees 5,472 for transportation, marketing and other expenses. They have made 2009 brooms and have sold 600 brooms in the first month itself and earned rupees Nine thousand (Rs.5328/-) as profit. The price of the broom varies from Rs.15-Rs.20/-. The initial results gave boost to the women to go for more number of broom and they are getting more orders now. The leaders Mrs Ramlali , Kiran of Saidapur , Rinki of Aera and Mrs.Sunita of Ganaura villages shines out as an example for women entrepreneurship leading the way for other women. The growth of transformative women led enterprises has begun.
The beaming smiles, elated for their determined move, joining hands to build smart and to take the innovation to the heights they exclaimed “Long live women’s entrepreneurship”.
JCT, Sandila, UP